A New Favorite Local Eatery

Barry and Joyce are full-time RVers from 
Oregon who host at several of 
their favorite campgrounds as they 
gallivant across the nation.
"Let's Eat" With Barry & Joyce 
Agave Mexican Restaurant
3302 Pleasanton Road
San Antonio, TX


People come to San Antonio from all over the United States and even the world to see the Alamo, the River Walk and other delights that the city has to offer. Another great thing about San Antonio is the food, especially delicious Mexican cuisine.
Do you have a hankering for some really good, "real deal" Mexican food? Then you have to check out Agave Mexican Restaurant on Pleasanton Road, just a few minutes from Hidden Valley RV Park.

What's an Agave?  Found mostly in Mexico, these plants also called Century Plants are found all over South and central Texas.  There are many varieties of agave, some of which are used in the making of Tequila, others in the production of the recently popular healthy sugar alternative sweetener.

 When we walked into the place you are immediately hit with a very clean and bright dining room. There aren't a lot of paintings on the walls and the place isn't painted to look like an old Mexican villa. The large dining room has white tablecloth's on the tables and booths with just a few nick-knacks hanging from the ceiling. On one wall there's a large screen TV that was playing and a jukebox. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with specials each day.

What Agave's lacks in atmosphere, they more than make it up with their outstanding service and food. After being seated by our waiter Giovani, he immediately took our drink order. The restaurant doesn't have a full bar but they do serve several brands of beer by the bottle and wine margarita's in several flavors. I settled on a Dos Equis and Joyce got a regular margarita.

When Giovani brought our drinks, which only took a couple of minutes, he was also loaded down with a bowl of chips, a small craft of salsa and to our surprise, a small bowl of queso, Mexican Style cheese dip. We found the chips to be very fresh and the salsa was fantastic.  Agave's boast that their chef's make all their salsas from scratch and the chips are made fresh everyday as well. I would call the salsa about medium-spicy hot but Joyce said she thought it rather on the hot side. No matter how you label it, this stuff is good. The queso was warm and had just the right amount of chili's swimming around in the cheese.

After a very short wait, our entrees arrived. I selected the three chicken enchilada plate with flour tortillas (I had been given a choice of corn or flour) and Joyce chose to order a la carte, choosing to get two Guisada tacos and an order of Barracho beans. In addition to ordering our dinners, we had ordered guacamole to eat with our chips but didn't make it to our table until he brought the entrees. Accompanying the meals were two serving jars of salsas, one red and the other green. Giovani told us the green one is the hotter of the two and since I like the hot stuff, that is what put on my first enchilada. In addition to all of that, Giovani brought me two homemade tortillas to boot.

Wow, were we ever impressed. The chicken in my enchiladas was cooked to perfection in really soft "melt in your mouth" flour tortillas. All of the enchiladas were covered in a semi-sweet, red tomato sauce. Also on the huge plate was a hearty serving of refried beans that were also outstanding and also a large portion of Mexican rice. The rice was fluffy and seasoned well.

I tried both of the sauces and I can tell you that both are very, very good. The green is a tad hotter than the red one but if they bottled this stuff, I'd buy both of them.

Joyce reported her Guisada's were delicious. She ordered two of them but could have easily gotten by with just one. These guys were big! The Barracho beans were amazingly good, with a couple of chucks of pig fat still in the bowl.

We also really liked the guacamole which was very creamy and obviously freshly made.

Agave's prices are very reasonable. Joyce and my dinners, accompanied by two Dos Equis' and two margaritas came to just $32. Joyce is really a cheap date!

You can rest assured that Agave's hasn't seen the last of the two of us.


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