Genius Fix for Normally Pricey Repair - Windshield Chips


While a windshield chip or crack can occur anytime and is never convenient, it often happens while traveling.  Getting it fixed when away from home is a major pain because you often don't know the area and who wants to spend the time on a vacation or have to drive a motorhome to an insurance approved shop for the day.  (Good luck finding one of those!)

There are those mobile fix-it locations that will repair a crack for you but they may not be easy to locate in the desert, near the beach or in the middle of nowhere while traveling.  Just leaving it till you get home can sometimes turn a chip into a larger feathering crack not to mention the danger of a crack turning into a safety risk. 


I saw this great video  on you tube that I'd love to try although I'm not anxious to need the opportunity, if you know what I mean. This fella demonstrated how to use these Windshield Repair Kits that have evidently been around for a while.

This is one of several brands I found on Amazon.  They range from $8 to $20.

What? Have I been living under a rock.  Wow, I was really impressed.  The DIY video is only 6 minutes long.  The whole process added another hour maybe for drying and waiting between steps but it was all done quickly, by a non-professional and with no special tools except what is readily available online through Amazon and elsewhere in that little kit.

                                              ChrisFix's Video at

This little Fix it was just too easy to pass up and may keep me from crying over a few hundred dollars the next time a speeding semi throws a pebble my way.

Has anyone tried this personally?  I'll update the post if I have the chance to try it myself and y'all do the same in the comments below. 

Teri Blaschke is the RV Park operator of family owned Hidden Valley RV Park in San Antonio, TX and writer of the park blog “A Little Piece of Country in San Antonio.” Teri contributes to various other blogs with a focus on either travel or social media and how it relates to the outdoor hospitality industry but her passion is serving the RV travel community by providing a memorable RV camping experience and growing the Hidden Valley RV family.  Connect with , Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter@HiddenValleyRV  and our RV Country Daily Magazine


Do Away With This Slimy Cleaning Chore Forever

Well, almost forever.  I'm talking shower curtains or shower curtain liners.  For years I took mine down a few times a year, standing on the tub side to unhook the 12 impossible to open hooks and risking a fall to the floor while I was wrestling with that big, ungainly piece of plastic.  Then I washed it in the washer with bleach and thought I was getting rid of all the bacteria and hopefully the sometimes colorful mold and mildew that so quickly forms from all the moisture and soap scum in a shower.  No matter how well I kept on top of cleaning it IN the shower, it always needed this, at least quarterly, super cleaning.

RV Shower Curtain

Then an RVer who came through Hidden Valley shared with me the vinegar trick.  I was skeptical and thought bleach would be much more sanitizing but it turns out that this vinegar trick has been all over Pinterest and google for some time...I was just in the dark.  It works like a dream and you don't even need to wear all white to avoid bleach splashes on your duds in the process.  But alas, the silly thing STILL needs to be wrestled down off the pole several times a year.  Till now (or even much earlier if you discovered this trick before me.)  Best of all this trick involves no harsh and mysterious chemicals.  This method will clean and prevent mildew from returning.
So how does it work? SO simply! After washing your shower curtain, you soak it in salt water to give it a layer of mildew resistance. That’s it. Here’s the step-by-step process.

What You’ll Need


– Table salt
– Laundry detergent
– Vinegar

How To

  1. Wash your shower curtain in your washing machine. I use a mix of ½ the recommended amount of laundry detergent and 1 cup of vinegar, and add towels to the load for extra scrubbing.
  2. Put the washed shower curtain in your clean tub. Cover with hot water, and add 1 cup of salt to the water as it runs.
  3. Stir the water so the salt dissolves and covers the shower curtain. Soak for three hours, then hang to dry.
It's one extra step but it keeps the curtain clean for a year or longer with just a water spray down after use. The salt forms a barrier that fights and prevents mildew.

Have you ever tried this trick before? Do you have methods of your own for keeping the shower curtain clean? Share your tips with us.

Teri Blaschke is the RV Park operator of family owned Hidden Valley RV Park in San Antonio, TX and writer of the park blog “A Little Piece of Country in San Antonio.” Teri contributes to various other blogs with a focus on either travel or social media and how it relates to the outdoor hospitality industry but her passion is serving the RV travel community by providing a memorable RV camping experience and growing the Hidden Valley RV family.  Connect with , Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter@HiddenValleyRV  and our RV Country Daily Magazine 


There's No Place Like Home Base - Why We Chose Hidden Valley RV Park To Be Ours

Welcome Guest Blogger: Susan Fellows

At the San Antonio Riverwalk

My husband, Chris, and I  made the decision to become full time RVers about two years ago and that dream became a reality last March (2015).  We are both prior military and so, were infected with the travel bug at an early age. Chris retired from the Air Force after 20 years and we settled into a less nomadic life but continued to explore this beautiful country of ours on holidays and weekends.  We planned, as many people do, to travel more extensively in our golden years.  We thought there would be time.  In 2014, when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we quickly decided that if we were going to realize this dream we would have to do it soon.  And here we are:   A year into our full-time RV life and loving every moment.

Many people who decide to become full timers do not chose a home base, they simply travel wherever the wind may blow them. But, as amazing as that sounds, we knew we had to choose a location to return to each year due to my need of ongoing medical treatment.  San Antonio was an easy choice.  Not only is the weather suitable to living in a motorhome but our youngest, and according to her, most adored, daughter lives here.  

Upon arriving in San Antonio we stayed at a luxury RV resort close to our daughter’s apartment but knew we would be moving to something more affordable and less crowded.  We started exploring the local RV parks and found Hidden Valley RV Park.  We are so glad we did.

Hidden Valley is a small RV park in a quiet country setting.  If you’ve never been to San Antonio, it’s a huge city and the rush hour traffic is horrendous.  The highway noise was constant at the other RV parks we looked at and the sites were tiny with few places to walk our dogs.  Not so at Hidden Valley.  What it lacks in more luxurious amenities it gains in serenity.  The location is also excellent, under 30 minutes from downtown and the major attractions and 15 minutes from Lackland AFB for those coming to visit loved ones in the military.   The managers, Teri and Mark, are amazing people and we plan to return yearly for the winter months and are even workamping.   Teri has asked if I want to contribute to her blog and, here I am, submitting my first article.  See you next week.  Enjoy! 

Susan Fellows, a full time RVer, took up the nomadic lifestyle in 2015. 
After retiring from a job with the Social Security Administration,
she and her husband Chris traded their house for an RV home.   
They will be spending the winters work camping at Hidden Valley 
RV Park in Von Ormy, TX and the rest of the year traveling this 
great nation of ours.  Susan has volunteered to send blog 
contributions for Hidden Valley about her experiences as a new RVer.


San Antonio, Get Out in the Cool, Wild Outdoors

Spring in San Antonio is a wonderful time to visit our outdoor nature attractions.  The animals are much more active when the weather is cooler, especially earlier in the day during the month of April.  Our guests, Cheri and Dave, visited a couple of San Antonio's Wild Spots, and we'd love to share them with you.

zebra, orynx, emu at Natural Bridge Wildlife Park

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch offers a very unique experience because it's a wildlife safari that you are able to drive through without leaving the comfort of your vehicle.  When you purchase your ticket, you are given food to feed the animals.  They come up to your vehicle for the food, but feed with caution. Visitors are warned to keep hands inside the vehicle’s windows.  We found the emus to be the most aggressiveThe photo opportunities are abundant as there are no fences or bars to worry about getting in your way.  Daily admission information is Adults 12 and over are $22.00, Seniors (65 and over) are $20.00, Children 3-11 are $13.50, Military/Policemen/Firefighters are $18.00.  Children under 3 are free.  (See discount coupon below.) Another nearby attraction (just next door) is the Natural Bridge easy do on the same day as the Wildlife Park.

Flamingo, Monkey, Snake and Lion at San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo 

The San Antonio Zoo celebrated its centennial “Zootennial” in 2014! For one hundred years, the Zoo has provided remarkable


San Antonio Family Attractions: Low Cost or Free

On our "Ask Us" Pinterest page we recently had a request for ideas on what to do in San Antonio with kids that's free or close to free. Here's a list of several activities for families, kids and visitors to San Antonio that won't break the bank and will keep the kids happy.  There are several that kids of ANY age can take advantage of.  If there are others that you know of or find, please share them in the comments!

Free or discounted summer activities in San Antonio for the kids, families and travelers too.


How to Make a US Map of the States You've Visited

Ever wanted to make one of those cool maps you see all the other RVers sporting on their RV, travel blogs and on the RV forums?  You know the ones that show all the states you've visited.  A quick google of "US state visited maps" lead me to several options but by far the easiest is this one.

visited 21 states (42%)
Create your own visited map of The United States


RV Refrigerators Heat Up in the Summer Too...How to Cool Them Off

Probably many a refrigerator has been replaced as a result of this situation.  If  your refrigerator tends to heat up to over 45 degrees in the summer temperatures, don’t buy a new refrigerator or replace the cooling unit until you try this little trick.  Many thanks to Margo's RV Lifestyle Ezine for this tip.


Vehicle Registration Made Easy for RVers, New "Texas Two Step"

Whether you're a native, transplanted or temporary RV Texan, if you decide on Texas residency you'll need to have your vehicle inspected and registered here in the "Friendship State."

New TX Vehicle Registration: How it Applies to Texas RVers

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has made some changes to the inspection and license renewal process , in effect as of March 1, 2015.  It's a big change for RVers in that now


Is Your RV Park Wifi Secure?

RVer using the Wifi in his RV

For RVers on the road and full time RVers, online banking and bill pay is not merely convenience, it's a necessity. Many Hidden Valley RV Park guests have asked us if our WiFi systems at the park are secure.  Can they do their banking and visit other privacy sensitive sites?  There is also the popular related question about security on Hot Spots in places like Starbucks, McDonalds or libraries.  Here are some points to help improve your security on the internet at public places:


Another RV Antenna Bites the Dust

If I pull out with my TV antenna up one more time I am going to turn my keys in!

One of the most common things missed while getting ready to pull out of a site is leaving the TV antenna up.  I have even had people honking at me trying to let me know that my antenna was sticking up and I actually waved at them like they were my friends.  

Funny RV Toon showing the hazards of not having a hook up check list

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