Explore Rhonda's Trail -A Work in Progress

Trail Head
Many guests at Hidden Valley RV Park over the years have left their mark on our acres.  Each of them are a story in their own right.  But perhaps none have made more of an impact than Rhonda. Rhonda and Willie have had their fifth wheel parked in a couple different sites here and they now reside on the edge of Bonfire Cove, largely conceived and designed by Rhonda.   Once that project was mostly completed, Rhonda set out with only a hoe, bush clippers and garden saw to single-handedly create what we have dubbed Rhonda's Trail.  Being in it's early stages, no one will get tired out after a hike on this trail but daily, Rhonda adds several feet at a time by clearing thick brush and carving natural steps into the landscape.  

 All the paths are lined with natural and native rocks and timbers, patiently sawed from trees in the paths.
Gradually the trails are taking shape and going from an extremely steep grade to trails manageable by the least nimble of hikers (like me.) 

Friendly critters are also fond of Rhonda's Trail.

The trees form a cooling canopy over the trail visitors.  In the plans are botanical labels for our indigenous (local to Hidden Valley and San Antonio)  trees, bushes and plants.

Sun shining through the trees throws a bluish hue on the tree tops.

Now Rhonda's been clearing a path to the back of the horse pasture so you can visit Lily and Dollar   on your hike.

No telling how far and which direction Rhonda's rambling will take the trail so visit often to see the work in progress.

The changing of the seasons has already transformed the trail floor to a soft leafy pad.

Pets are welcome to Rhonda's Trail as long as they're picked up after and kept on the trails.

We all look forward to the growing project and the natural beauty it will uncover.  

Very warm thanks to Rhonda for all the hard work expended and the labor of love she's put into her Hidden Valley home.

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