Hidden Valley's Gobbler Get Together

 Our guest "thank you" event, the gobbler get together on Saturday was enjoyed by all.  Forty of our RV guests spent the afternoon huddled around the bonfire at the Bonfire Cove at Hidden Valley, sharing experiences and telling stories.  The day started out at only 30 degrees, a record low for November 27th but the afternoon warmed nicely to around 70.  The bonfire was perfect for countering the cool breeze of the afternoon.

We enjoyed some games especially "ballo" shared by Darlene and Larry.  We got a kick out of all the different names our guests had for that game.  Seems each one had a new variation on the name, some of them pretty interesting and a little, well, I wouldn't put them in print.  If you've played the game you may know what I mean.
Finally the smoked and baked gobblers were ready for carving and all the potluck dishes assembled in the dinner tent.  One and all filled their plates at least twice and we put a good dent in the all the wonderful side dishes and desserts.

Once we were all full the bonfire was the scene of many conversations. 
As the night air got cooler we moved closer and closer to the fire. 

It's amazing how a bonfire draws a group together.  We sat for hours sharing jokes, discussions, our life stories on the RV road, family histories and the dancing flames of the bonfire.

A special thanks to all you who made the day so memorable.
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