Hidden Valley "Going Green"

Being a small, family run park, Hidden Valley has always striven to be conservation minded but with the advent of eco-friendly policies we've added a new slant and renewed zeal to our 'green' practices. We've also urged our campers to pitch in a help us "save the planet." Many of our guests have even made suggestions they've seen implemented in their travels to other parks.

Some of these suggestions are common sense and we've all used them for years but others are specific to us RV'ers.

Turn off lights during the day
Position your RV to maximize day-lighting
Install window films to reflect sunlight and heat
Take shorter showers
Turn the water off completely after you take a shower
When you get a car washing permit...wet you vehicle...soap it up...rinse it off.  Never leave the hose running on the ground.
Routinely inspect your outside water connections for drips (please report leaks to staff).
When brushing teeth, shaving or washing hands, turn the water on only as needed
Rather than watching TV, go for a walk on the creek or go birding
Use less paper products: plates,cups, etc.
Instead of cooking on an electric stove, cook over the campfire

Use less laundry soap.  Research proves the "recommended" amount is way more than needed.  Try homemade laundry soap and fabric softener, it's better for the environment.  Learn how here. 

If you use an electric stove, always cover your pots and pans
If you need to use an oven, avoid the heat of the day or use a microwave oven 
Turn off the patio lights when you retire for the night
Replace your incandescent lights with compact fluorescents or LEDs
Set the temperature of your refrigerator between 36-39° F.
Use our paper, plastic, aluminum and bottle recycling stations near your garbage receptacles

Use the common composting area  (Just getting started on this one) This keeps all your vegie scraps (and much more) out of the landfill and also works great as a garden and plant fertilizer.

Use reusable shopping bags instead of disposables.  Those grocery store disposables are one of the biggest landfill and highway litter problems.

After using the laundry facility, turn off lights 

Make use of the pet clean up system.  Pet waste can spread diseases.

Re-Use plastic and glass containers when ever possible.

Let us know of any suggestions you may have for "RV traveling Green."

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