2010 - RV Centennial

Did you know it was the Centennial of RV Camping.  Well, the date may be a little arbitrary but back in 1910 the motorized home began to be manufactured and used.  Centennial Charlie has been appointed the mascot and the official celebration is in June of 2010.  Check out this video link for a little RV history and a few giggles as you see how far we've come as RV'ers and Campgrounds and how our RV's have changed.  The concept, though, is still the same...FREEDOM for the ordinary and control over your current home town.  No wonder there's such a rage over vintage RV's.  They are, and were, so attractive and versatile.  An entire organization has risen up out of the clamor for vintage RV's, Tin Can Tourists, who sponsors rally's and several yearly get togethers for vintage RV enthusiasts.
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