The Wild, Wild West

San Antonio has a rich history, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the downtown section of this city. Recently the Former Texas Rangers Association and the owners of the Buckhorn Museum joined forces and opened the Texas Ranger Museum in March 2007. The association felt the need to tell the history of the Texas Rangers and the stories of the men who have worn the silver and gold stars. The Rangers are the oldest state law enforcement agency in North America and have even been compared to other world famous law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

With over 8000 square fee and three distinct venues, you can get lost in the memories of what Texas used to look and be like. Start off in the Ranger Gallery where through pictures, photos and plaques you can walk through a short history of where the rangers started. Experienced guides are on hand to answer any questions you may have.
The next stop is the Tales of Texas Rangers, a gallery of 15 displays which are changed out periodically. The curators have done a wonderful job of compiling compelling and unique tales from past Texas Rangers.
The final stop in the Museum is Ranger Town, my favorite. This is a re-creation of old San Antonio that presents 11 storefronts, some featuring well-known current names such as Frost Bank. There is also L. Frank Saddlery, Charles Hummel Gun Shop, Hart's Cigar Store and Albert's Saloon. Peek inside the stores to get an idea of how life was at the turn of the last century and even before.
The centerpiece of this room is the Bonnie and Clyde exhibit. A 1934 Ford was restored to re-create the ambush of two of the most notorious outlaws by Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and Manny Gault. This dispaly makes the whole era come to life as it tracks the movement, and finally capture, of these famous bandits from the 1930's.
Spend a couple hours in this museum then kick your heels on over to the Buckhorn museum for some real Texas treats including a snack and brew at the ole' Buckhorn Saloon.

The Texas Ranger Museum and The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum are located at 318 E. Houston Street. Hours are from 10am to 5pm , sometimes later. You can click here to get more info and a discount coupon or call (210) 247-4000.
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Just a note of thanks to all our Northern visitors so far this season. We've met so many new RV'ers and many have returned for their annual trips South of the northern chill. We've enjoyed hearing about your travels and getting to know you.

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