Weather Update & Remember the _ _ _ _ O

Our daybreaks have been beautiful this week. The mornings are a little colder than we like but a far cry from the -3 degrees in Wisconsin. It seems that Oregon also has some fridgid temps. Over half of our guests this month have been from OR.

A normal day here during January (if there is such a thing-weatherwise) has a cold start-sometimes even a frost or light freeze.
This turtle normally sits on the ground at the foot of the bird bath but he just couldn't resist the chance to skate over the iced pond. Very shortly though, when the sun gets only a little higher, the air warms and the frost is but a memory.

Even these RV'in birds have already ventured out of their warm nest to look for breakfast.

Remember the _ _ _ _ O? Not the ALAMO but the RODEO!

All of San Antonio is preparing for the Free Annual Cowboy Breakfast which kicks off of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

Check out the link to see the great lineup of entertainment.
Where else could you:
*visit craft fair displays, (or set up one of your own),
*see calf roping by li'l tikes,
*sit on the edge of your seat watching brave cowpokes being thrown from bronckin' bucks,
*eat scores of cowboy's favorite foods as you kick around the fairgrounds,
*spend a couple hours at the carnival and shake up those cowboy treats you've just filled up on
*then finish up your day with a concert featuring your favorite singer or band
All in one big fun location. Now that's a RODEO!

Hidden Valley's only 'down the road a piece' from all the excitement at the new AT&T Center so ya'll come by to see us. Our special RODEO rates include a 25% discount if you mention this post when you reserve your site or upon your arrival.
Happy Travels.

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