Explore the Alamo With Your Ears

A visit to San Antonio would not be complete without a stop at THE ALAMO. Not only a Texas landmark but an important monument in the history of the world, the Alamo has amazed visitors for decades.
Built in 1724, it was originally the residence and sanctuary for missionaries and native Indians. The Mission San Antonio de Valero, as it was first called, housed Spanish troops in the early 1800's. It continued to house rebel and Mexican troops until the Texas Revolution in 1835 when "Texican" (as John Wayne calls them) and Tejano volunteers fought against Mexican troops and won. The name "Alamo" comes from the Spanish word for cottonwood and was named by Spanish troops after their hometown of Alamo de Parras.
The Alamo is probably best know for the 13 day Battle of the Alamo in 1836 between Mexican troops and the Texans including Jim Bowie, David Crockett and 200 others who fought to protect the Alamo.
The real story is much richer and those who visit it can now learn about it through a new audio walking tour. The Alamo now offers a 50 minute audio tour presented on a MP3 player.

"This gives another avenue for people visiting the Alamo to approach the pretty complex history," said Craig Stinson, Alamo spokesman. He added that the audio tour also incorporates the early colonial Spanish mission and early Texas history along with information that led up to the Battle. It also details the preservation efforts at the Alamo.
The palm sized device with headphones leads visitors through 30 points at the site. The program was created by The Discovery Channel and local historians. The optional tour is $5 per person. Admission to the Alamo itself is FREE and includes a short film documenting some interesting highlights at the landmark.

You may also want to stop by the Rivercenter's IMAX Theatre before your visit to The Alamo and check out the docudrama, The Alamo...The Price of Freedom to get a picture of Texan history to excite even those of us not so historiclly inclined.
When you arrive at Hidden Valley RV for your San Antonio stay we provide a virtual map tour of many of San Antonio's high points and some not so known secrets. Forgot to stop by the travel center when you entered Texas? No worries...we've got maps, calendars of events, addresses of your favorites for your GPS and all the hours of operation for those spots. If we don't know it...we'll find out for you.
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