Wireless Internet Questionaire

Although we're a country place, the 'times they are a changin' and we've been considering our customers needs for convenient internet availability. I would appreciate your feedback on the following questions:
1. Do you use the internet during travel?
2. Do you have internet available through your cell phone?
3. Does that satisfy your needs or is it too slow?
4. Is your travel computer set up to use wireless internet?
5. Do most RV spots you visit provide wireless?
6. Do they charge for it? How much, if so?
7. Would you pay around $2.00/day to have it?
8. How important is having wireless internet when choosing a park?
9. Would a conveniently located modem, where you could access the internet and send email, satisfy your needs?

If you could either comment to this post or email me directly with your feedback I will use it make Hidden Valley your favorite camping experience.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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