New Logo/Same Country Hospitality

Our face has changed but our mission statement is still the same: to give our guests the best time possible in a peaceful quiet setting, whether you want a visit with a full itinerary of events or a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle.
Soon our main website ( will also be undergoing a face lift, or rather, a total reconstruction. I hope this will prove to be an aid to our prospective guests as well as a way for return visitors to keep abreast of new things as they happen at Hidden Valley. Online reservations are being added in addition to the email reservation option that we already use.
Just a note of interest: Our weather in San Antonio has finally taken a turn for the milder and we are heaving a sigh of relief as the summer humidity is subsiding. For us, and most of you, this is the favorite time of year in Texas with near perfect weather.
We're gearing up to visit with our annual repeat guests as they make the annual trek to the Rio Grande Valley in far South Texas. Also anticipating meeting new visitors to San Antonio in search of The Alamo and the famed RiverWalk. We'd be glad to be your tour guide and provide what you need to find and enjoy the points of interest in this historic and flavorful city. So come see us!
Bye for now and happy camping.
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