How to Find New Friends on the Road

Traveling like we do, it is difficult to find people to do things with that share your  interests.  I am not referring to dating but to a network of people that get together to enjoy and support each other in whatever they enjoy doing.   

I have found a solution to this dilemma with a couple of websites that specialize in helping people meet up with other people out there enjoying life.  I also talk about one site to stay away from    There are so many interest groups to check out.  Like groups for  foodies, knitters, road cyclers, Mt. bikers, Harley bikers, poets, photographers, winers, beer lovers, natural plant lovers, gardeners, etc.  The list is almost endless.


Probably my favorite website is called MEETUP.COM.  After a very simple registration process, you will find that no matter where you travel in the US (and probably in the world) you can choose from thousands of interest groups with invitations posted for you to shop through.

For example, just today in San Antonio there are 2,483 different interest groups meeting up to do fun, interesting things!  This is what the home page looks like.  There were so many groups to pick from I could not show all of them so here is a sampling. home page
Home Page of Groups

For those that are RV diehards and want to find and meet up with other RVers near their location check into the RVILLAGE.COM site.  I love this one and it is very easy to use.   

Most sites are so protective of their member’s privacy that you never get to communicate with any of them.  However, the express purpose of this site is to help members locate each other.  From that point you will be able to find out where the parties are, if someone is going on a tour or if anyone wants to do an evening walk by checking out the get-togethers posted on the site.  

I am located at Hidden Valley RV Park just south of San Antonio, TX.  As you can see by all the bubbles on the map below I found so many other RVillage members near me I couldn't count them.  All I would have to do is click on one to get their contact information then sail out a message to find out if there is anything fun going on that I could join. There is also a button to help you locate people you have put onto a "friends" list.  

RVillage Sample Friend Page


I would stay away from this choice.  After signing up for a "5 string banjo group" and getting accepted as a member, all I found was a chat room that was 100% sex and filth.  The OTHER kind of hooking up.  Not one post was about banjos.  Then they tried to sell me the "advanced membership".  Ha Ha Ha, I am afraid to know what that might get me. 

As always when meeting new people and groups please use common sense and keep yourself safe.  Those tips may be for another time. 
Are there any ways you've found to meet people while you travel?  Tell us below in the comments or join the conversation on facebook. 

Happy travels; get out there and enjoy life!

Janice has recently become a solo RVer. Having Oregonian roots she now is a "6 time across the US" RV traveler and enjoys yarn crafts, hiking and biking and everything horses. Guest blogging is a new addition to her interests.
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