Thinking About Texas Vehicle Registration and Inspection?

Many of us travelers share blog and newsletter articles with each other and greatly benefit from the research of our fellow travelers and RVers.  On of the ezines (email magazines) that I read twice each month comes from Jaimie Bruzenak over at RV Lifestyle Experts.  She recently interviewed an Escapees staff member.  Escapees have been working with Texas officials to keep policies convenient for RVers.  With her permission I have reprinted the article here. 


"There has been some confusion as to whether RVers who have registered their vehicles in Texas must get them inspected prior to being able to renew their vehicle registration. Depending on what office and person you talk to, you may receive differing information.

In the past, RVers could renew their vehicle registration online and then take care of their inspection when they returned to Texas. That changed with the passage of a new bill. However, Escapees has been working with officials to continue the former policy. This is what Jim Koca, Advocacy Director for Escapees, replied when I asked him how RVers could handle this.

I have talked to Polk County Tax Office this morning where vehicle registration takes place. They assured me that it is not their office that tells people that RVers will have to return to the state for the inspection.

The clerks are instructed to tell the citizens that a process will be in place to allow the registration of vehicles without the need to return to the state for the inspection. The “DMV” is sometimes called the DPS office where people get their drivers license. The Tax Office says they get confused with DPS sometimes.

RVers, students, military, truckers and contractors will be able to renew their vehicles while out of state. This process can be done by mail or online. The individual will do a “self-certification” process stating they are out of state at the time of renewal. Polk County or really any county tax office, will be able to override the need of the inspection sticker requirement. Once the vehicle is back in the State, owners will have 72 hours to get the vehicle inspected. Even the inspection stations are not up on the new process and they are also telling the RVers that they will need to come back to the state before re-registering.

I am trying to get the word out to them also."    Jim Koca

So note the point of confusion mentioned:
  • the DMV, (TX Department of Motor Vehicles)  handles registration of vehicles, title transfers and license plates
  • DPS (Department of Public Safety) oversees the issuance of drivers licenses and although they make the regulations regarding vehicle inspections, the inspections themselves can be self-certified online with the DMV. 
  • Go to the DMV here to register your vehicle online

Department of Motor Vehicles Registration Link

Hope that clears up some seeming discrepancies in the requirements.  Remember to check the DMV website before completing any online forms just to verify that no new laws have been put into effect.

Have you had any difficulties in getting your vehicles registered in Texas?  Comment below if there are any other Texas residency or registration questions you may have and we'll research them for you.

The text within the asterisks is from Jaimie Bruzenak.  The opening and closing comments are mine.

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