A Tip to Save Your RV from Preventable Damage

This is just a shortie post  to share a video with y'all about RV slide out covers.  Most all RV's have at least one these days and there's no getting around it - they add so much space and give you a feeling of more space as well.  This video was made by Pete's RV and although I've watched a few other related videos, this one not only proves the benefits of having slide toppers but also the resulting damage if they are not installed on your RV.

At our RV park I have come across two scenarios in regard to slide out toppers.

  • A guest told me about his winterizing experience.  The RV was parked in his driveway and after a snow, the snow melted in day time and refroze as ice shortly after, stretching the vinyl of the topper.  He solved the problem from reoccurring by closing his slide outs when possible or by putting a large ball between the awning and the slide out roof to keep snow, water or ice from staying on the awning. 
  • At our park, there are many squirrels.  We were watching them one day as this proud mother to be squirrel was building her nest between the roof of the slide out and the topper cover.  We observed this several times...even after removing all the twigs, leaves, etc. that she so conscientiously accumulated.  Our solution was to use a leaf blower, you could use a broom, to remove the debris and put a small 4 X 4 on each side opening to block her entrance.  Worked like a champ.

I always saw the covers as only protection from the elements but there's a lot more that slide outs need protection from and resulting damage can be extensive (slide out seal damage, water damage inside, etc.) and is usually not covered by insurance companies.

So, to protect your RV investment, you can get these RV awnings installed aftermarket or even better when you purchase it.

I am in between RV's right now but this video has sold me on getting them installed on my next RV.  If you look at the related videos section on You Tube after you view this video you'll find several videos on easy DIY installation of different brands on toppers.

Enjoy the video and "Happy Trails!
If you have any experiences with Slide Out Topper Covers, please share them in the comments.



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