5 Tips for RVing with Your Pet

Are you planning to RV with your pets this summer? Traveling with our furry family members can be so enjoyable. Seeing their excitement over the new smells and spaces to roam can add so much delight to our vacations. But traveling with pets can also present some challenges so here are some tips to make your trip fun and safe for your pets.  

Vet appointments vital before traveling

Tip 1: Pay a visit to your local vet

With a trip to the vet you can ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel, get them up to date on any vaccinations, and you can obtain any legal documentation you may need if you are planning to leave the country. Some RV parks require proof of vaccination.The vet can also recommend sedatives if your pet is overly nervous about travel.

Tip 2: Pack all your pets comforts from home

Make sure to pack their regular food brand this will help them to avoid any upset stomachs throughout your vacation. While packing, don’t forget your pets bedding, toys, treats, leash, dog waste bags and any medications. Including these items while traveling will help your pet to feel right at home on the road.

Tip 3:Don’t forget the tags

Many pets can become distracted by the new smells and adventures during travel and wonder off, so before leaving you want to check that your pets tag has your up to date contact information. Some travelers also have microchips implanted in their pets for added security. Keep a current photo of your pet to help others easily recognize them if they are lost.  

Tip 4: Buckle up    

Restrain me pleaseThis includes our four legged friends. During the drive make sure to have your pet safely restrained in the car. There are several options which include pet carriers and pet restraining harness. Circumstances vary for which option is best but you want to consider what will be must comfortable for your pet. Factors such as your pet’s size, type of vehicle and length of trip need to be considered.

RVing with FidoTip 5: “I have to go to the bathroom?”

Unfortunately our furry friends can’t ask for potty breaks so we must remember to make frequent stops for water, restroom, and to let them stretch their legs. Depending on the length of your trip your pet will need regular breaks as well as exercise. So before hoping back in the car take them once around the block so they can explore and stretch.

If you are planning a trip to San Antonio, keep Hidden Valley RV Park in mind we are very pet friendly. RVing with your pet can have its challenges but it is oh, so fun. So happy trails and tails to you and your pets this summer! 


Contributed by Bethany Castillo. 
Bethany enjoys writing about a variety of topics including travel, animals and food. She is also an avid reader of magazines, 
novels, and blogs.  

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