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RV travel as a couple or full time RVing together is undoubtedly a great way to see this great world we live in.  Sharing your experiences and the joys of seeing new and exciting places is a great benefit to RV travel.  But if you read other travel blogs or travel some yourself, you've likely noticed that individuals are taking to the road on their own.  Some have lost their mates but are still in love with the open road, others are just full of the adventurous spirit and don't let singleness deter their love of adventure or need for an occasional "getaway from it all journey." 

Perhaps for women there is a bit more hesitation to travel alone due to fears of either real or imagined dangers one could encounter on any trip...vehicle problems, characters who take advantage of travelers, the rise of an emergency, etc.  Books, membership communities and blogs are adopting solo women RVing as their theme. If you google 'women rv', google immediately spits out a whole list of related search possibilities including 'women rving alone.'  At Hidden Valley RV I've seen an increasing rise in the number of women who travel alone and I've enjoyed getting their perspective on their travel experience: how they prepare for emergencies, combat loneliness, avoid possible dangers, etc.

One such traveler,  Karen Ho Fatt has written a fantastic commentary of how her traveling sans partner has brought her great satisfaction and taught her some practical lessons in how to make the process a stress free, relaxing, yet active experience.  No matter your gender or age, this short post is full of gems of travel wisdom.  Click on this Link to Check out her blog post .

My take away from this article: Any woman can go RVing and have a memorable experience; all she has to do is want the most breathtaking journey of her life. 

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