Urgent Message for All Internet Users

Whether you full time, travel or never leave the confines of your home, the computer is no doubt SOME part of your life.  If you use Facebook or Twitter you have probably already heard about this new danger on some computers but the time has neared to make sure we've checked OUR computers for this possible malware.  Here's the skinny:

Some time back a malware, called DNS Changer, was released. It can make the sites we attempt to access on the web, route incorrectly.  In other words, we weren't getting to the site we requested, rather to fraudulent, potentially dangerous sites.  The FBI noted this malware and decided to put a block on it from some servers the government has somewhere in FBI land.  They put a deadline on this protective action of July 9, 2012, which is this coming Monday.

When I first read about this it sounded like a hoax itself but after checking around I discovered it is indeed true and I followed the direction for checking to see if each of my computers was infected.  It only takes a few minutes and it's pretty self explanatory.  Once you go to the FBI generated site just clicking on the first option will give you a screen picture that is either green or red.  The green screen means your safe.

If you're like me and were skeptical, you can do the research to prove it's validity to yourself.  I looked on the FBI website.  Since the date is now so close, I've also seen several articles about the malware threat with the same FBI site info.

The FBI also includes a link to a form in case you get the RED picture showing that your a victim of the DNS malware.  Hopefully they will be able to help victims get the malware removed.  They suggest getting a professional to assist in removing the malware but here are some details they've provided to assure that this virus IS or IS NOT on your computer.

Let us know in the comments how you fared or if you have any questions.


Mike & Vicki Erps said...

my computer came up green, as I ecall I did this same test in the past.

Mark said...

Clean and safe on both my computers. Do we need to check our phones too? Guess I will, better safe than sorry.

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