BBQ Picnic Under the Trees

A group of 50 plus South Parkians met at the Hidden Valley's Medio Creek last month for a BBQ Picnic under the trees.
The picnickers arrived a little slowly (as always) while us early birds sat in circles and gabbed or gathered at the creek side to drop in a fishing line or two. Shouts of delight rang out from time to time as one of the fishers snagged a sunfish.
As some of the more energetic ones started to arrive a volleyball game erupted and all the players worked up a mighty appetite. Before dinner, a cool down was scheduled for the overheated. Water balloons were flung at young and...they were warned NOT to fling them at us older ones. Because it was so hot - the recipient of the bucket of ice water upon his head - was a good sport and we all got a kick out of watching the prank.
Here's a video for all that shared the event to keep the memory till we get together next time:

All the covered dishes made for a scrumptious looking spread and we all finished our meal with enough sweets to keep us full till next morning.
During the whole event the golf cart trolley whisked back and forth to the Clubhouse to allow us to cool off in the A/C and take little breaks.
We missed a few of our friends that couldn't make the get together and hope this little post makes you feel like you were with us.  
We look forward to our next South Park get together!

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