Video Italiana

Not positive about the Italian grammar in the video or this post title but it was fun pretending I know Italian.  Our "Let's Get Italian" Spaghetti Spectacular in late September had us walking away from the tables satisfied and enjoying good conversation with our RV friends here at our San Antonio RV Park, Hidden Valley. Enjoy this 2 minute video detailing the photos we eked out of our camera that was on it's last leg. 

Note my dear girl friend at the table who looks like she may be crying or bowing her head in, she's trying to avoid the camera.)  Sorry Lori, I would have moved the lens a little to the right if I knew you were squeamish.
I know many of our RV guests leave the park for the weekend and are not on hand for our monthly gatherings...we miss you and want to let you know that all are welcome even if you have a weekend visitor.  Bring them along.  Check your email boxes for the monthly invites and reminders.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by with delicious dishes to tickle our palates.  

Save the date for our next event on Oktober 29, 2011...our 2nd annual Oktoberfest Celebration.  Location will be announced once we figure out the weather.  You'll find more details in your email inbox shortly.  Hope ya'll can come. 

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