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  For those of you who may have missed our newsletter commentary on the the many animal friends we have at Hidden Valley, here's a summary:

    Imagine it is the 1860’s.  Mexican soldiers, Texicans, eastern frontiers persons and Native Americans were roaming around this currently called ‘South Central Texas’ location.  On horseback, on foot and by covered wagon they traversed the rich land we now know as San Antonio.  Little did they know it but history was being made during their very lives and created by their very actions.  But in the course of their everyday life they came across something in their daily activities that we at Hidden Valley are greatly gifted to share, a wealth of varied wildlife.  From the waterfowl who frequent the water features in their season, to the occasional visiting gator, there is a wide selection of creatures that grace our “little piece of country in San Antonio.”
  Come along for a virtual walk through some of our trails and the more secluded spots at the Park and let the pictures recount the story that was a “day in the life” for the early settlers and natives of this South Texas paradise.

Mascot of our San Antonio RV Park


This is "Roxanne" who along with her mate, "Roadie," have become our affectionate mascots at our San Antonio RV Park.  Their roadrunner family has grown over the years and it seems they remain here all year long.  They have moved their home to different locations on our entrance road and pretty much make their selves at home here. 

Owl at RV site 14, RV Park near San Antonio 

Behind site 14, Dr. Whooot, as we've named him, spends most of his time by his self-made nest on the edges of the nature trail.  He's not pesty but he does let us know when he's home with a characteristic "who, who."

Wild Turkey

This gobblin' gal stopped by for a bit of 
deer corn.  She's in a hurry to eat as much 
as she can before the rest of her flock 
arrives and she has to share.




Long Lizard on wagon wheel


Not sure of the scientific name of this amphibian but we call them "long lizards" and they are everywhere this year.  They seem to love gardens where they can hide but sun themselves at the same time.  They scoot around like lightning from one spot to the next.

Armadillo at our RV Park near the Alamo 

Mammals, etc.

This little armadillo fella is a baby from a family with four siblings, birthed right here in 2011 by the Medio Creek.  Once they were old enough to walk and root, mama migrated with them to the Bonfire Cove area, undoubtedly because of all it's protective brushy bushes and trees.  During any quiet morning walk you can hear them rooting around in the leaves and ground cover for their breakfast bugs and worms.  Yum.

Grey Fox on Hidden Valleys High PlainGrey Fox

This happy grey fox was photographed near 
our night vision motion activated camera in 
a quiet corner of the acreage.


Pigs on the Critter Cam


Pigs are plentiful in the valley and although I wouldn't call one, ("Here, piggy, piggy,") they're fairly tame and seem to be oblivious of us when we pass near them on the road.  They sure hover around our deer feeders at dinner time.


Our Equine Fiends 


Our horses used to be here in this road side field which borders the RV Park and our Nature Trail but due to the Texas drought this year we've had to move them to the lower 40 to graze.
Our own Bambi


  Our favorite visitors by far, are the deer families.  No matter how many times you see it, there's nothing more awesome than catching site of a deer or two feeding in the field or along the road,

Hidden Valley's most unseen animal friend Bobcat

 These guys are rarely seen.  This one was captured by our motion camera near a deer feeder.  We do see feline tracks fairly often but bobcat sightings are very rare here in the valley. Umm, that's good news.  But we do see their large paws tracks in the sand.

Gaylord the Gator 

Another seldom seen Hidden Vallian creature 
is Gaylord, our gator guest.  The gators traverse the nearby Medina River and get access to 
 the Medio Creek but generally they just make 
a pass through the park and head on down 
the River.  Occasionally we'll find a slide 
into the water that the gators used often enough 
to make it obvious on the water banks.

L'il Stinky
 L'il Stinky is thankfully a shy fella and minds his own business.  
We've never had one spray but occasionally their musky scent
will touch your nose if one has recently walked by.


As you walk along the creek you'll often hear a quiet splash and it's usually
a sunbathing turtle trying to hide from you by taking a dip into the water.

Not many birds were included here but our blog has featured several articles on birds over the years and you're are welcome to go there and check them out.  Here is a link to the latest post about birds.  You can also do a search on our blog for "Birding" and you'll get a series of related articles.

These are but a few of the critters we've had the privilege to see during our time here at Hidden Valley and we are working with the Parks and Wildlife Management to continue to promote a safe and hospitable environment for more and more species of Texas wildlife.  When you visit ask about our 5 step wildlife management program.

Teri Blaschke is the RV Park operator of family owned HiddenValley RV Park in San Antonio, TX and writer of the park blog “A Little Piece of Country in San Antonio.” Teri contributes to various other blogs with a focus on either travel or social media and how it relates to the outdoor hospitality industry but her passion is serving the RV travel community by providing a memorable RV camping experience and growing the Hidden Valley RV family.  Connect with , Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter@HiddenValleyRV and our RV Country Daily Magazine and don't forget to
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