The Most Important But Most Overlooked RV Tool

Being an RVer myself and being here at Hidden Valley so long, the most important RV safety tip I’ve learned has to do with your RV’s electricity.  You should ALWAYS have your RV electrically protected. Why? Because electrical power is undependable whether it is at your home or at an RV Park.  At our San Antonio RV Park we do everything possible to keep our electricity upgraded and safe but wires can loosen, arc or even get hot from ambient air temperatures. Many times parks are not in major cities and regulations and inspections are not required. The local electric utility companies themselves are often responsible for power surges.  The first time you connect to a faulty pedestal or encounter a power surge you will understand why this is important. An RV surge protector can handle the critical issue of surge protection in a recreation vehicle. Every RV's electrical appliances and circuit boards are at threat as brown outs and other park power fluctuations are common occurrences which can wipe out your electronics.
Like electronic equipment in your home, a recreational vehicle's electrical system is very sensitive. When utilizing the power supply at an RV park and with so many other vehicles in the area with high-end electronics and power consumption there is almost a guarantee that one day this will happen to you.  When it does it will disrupt your electronic equipment and could even cause damage to the point of making your equipment completely inoperable. The only way to truly protect against this is through the protection of a solid surge protector.

These devices promote RV electric safety and prevent the unfortunate necessity of having to replace expensive equipment.  Whether you experience a dip (current levels dip below 110 volts) or a surge (over 132 volts) one of these units will automatically shut off the power supply. When the indicator lights stop blinking, the power will be restored. The indicator lights will alert you to problems such as a incorrectly wired pedestal, reverse polarity and elevated ground voltage. This is useful to protect your air conditioner compressor. 

Sometimes it is advisable to stick to the hardwired devices over the RV portable surge protectors. The portable models plug in outside of the camper, so it is easy for someone to steal it. The hardwired devices install inside the coach. You may want this security after spending a couple hundred dollars on one. Typically a good protector will run you around two to three hundred dollars. When you compare that to the expense of having to replace a microwave or refrigerator due to surge it easily adds up to a good deal.  As to which RV surge protectors are the best: some have lots of bells and whistles and are great for the somewhat tech savvy, but if that's not your thing and you like to keep it simple, choose one of the more basic models.
In the end, one of the best-selling points for a quality RV surge protector is that you will have peace of mind on the road that your equipment will not be damaged. With that one device protecting your equipment you will be able to relax and enjoy your journey on the open road.
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