I've Seen Weird RV's But This One Takes the...Garbage

Why does this RV take the cake garbage?  Well, we've all seen some great and weird RV adaptations, there's even a website devoted to them.  
Riding down the road this one appears to be no more than a typical but new and shiny garbage truck.

 It's all terrain tires make it great for boon docking on picturesque desert lands.

 The loft overlooks a living room complete with a sectional sofa, a perfect set up for entertaining.

 This is a galley made in heaven and the dream of any cook.


 I dare say that there's more storage room here than in my house.


Can't tell for sure but the appliances and sink look to be full size.  No mini frig or kitchen sink for this garbage hauler.

                                               And the organization is unbelievable.  Even the worlds biggest perfectionist could live with these features.  

 And at the far end of the kitchen...did you think they'd forgotten the WIFI set up,  Complete with ergonometric seating?  And overhead, all the meters and gizmos you find in the big guys.

And finally, a vehicle for off and on roading.  

I believe any of us could live with these 'bare necessities'. 

You may have to give your RV Park of choice, a tour of this unique travel vehicle before being admitted to the Campground but I'd be happy to have it at our San Antonio RV Park and even happier to own it myself.  How about you?

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