What's a "CONCIERGE?"

That's right, it's pronounced "CON-SEE-ERGE."  Most of us know the word from our visits to a hotel or even B & B, where there's a person staffed there who can attend to our every need.  A similar position, known as the portero, exists in Spanish-speaking regions. According to Wikipedia the term "concierge" evolved from the French Comte Des Cierges, The Keeper of the Candles, who tended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era. In medieval times, the concierge was an officer of the King who was charged with executing justice, with the help of his bailiffs. 
Alamo Trolley Tours

Some of the concierge services at our RV Park near San Antonio include obtaining car rentals, scheduling bus tours of the city, getting theater tickets, obtaining discounts for local attractions, providing maps, brochures and parking info in the city and a virtual tour of the city upon your arrival that is tailored to your preferences.  Our website and blog are just a starting point for many lists of things to do and places to taste the Tex Mex cuisine of San Antonio and night life to explore but we'll personally direct you to any attraction you can name.  If we don't know where it is...we'll find out, whether it's a mobile RV repair service or a place to get a new hairdo.
Need a New Hairdo?

In addition, while you visit our San Antonio area campground, you may need office services.  Hidden Valley provides a full line of traditional office needs including mail forwarding, copying, faxing, and WIFI service at your RV.  Have a computer but no printer, we'll print your documents or any webpages you need hard copies of.  
These are a few of our services but the long and short of it is "We'll get it done."  So readers, here's your chance to help us help ALL our guests.  Send us your ideas, one or several, for other assistance you would appreciate while traveling in your RV.  Drop us a comment at this post and later we'll publish a list of any new suggestions we get and try our best to implement them at Hidden Valley. .

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