RVer's Plan to Eat Green

Just a "save the date" reminder for the guests of our San Antonio RV Park during the last month of August.  Hold on to this newspaper clipping so you keep the date of August 27, 2011 open for a "green" party.  No, the grass isn't green (thanks to our drought) and we're not wearing the color of the Irish...nope, we're eating green - going meatless for our annual Vegetarian Pot Luck Feast.  Need ideas for what to bring?  Check our theRVGourmet blog for a new idea each day this month.
So whether we're doing it for our health or the health of the planet - get your RV over to Hidden Valley on the final weekend of August for a feast the farm animals would be proud of.  See ya'll around 5pm!  Get other event details on our calendar page.
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