You'll Get Yours!

Yes, all our Hidden Valley guests are welcome to get their..."  Just Desserts,"   on May 7th, 2011.  You've probably all heard the statement
"  just deserts."    Wikipedia defines the phrase this way...
"  A punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved.  For example:  "  The hard working employees received their just deserts for a job well done."    
Well, on May 7th our guests will receive their "  Just Desserts"   for being the best customers. If we each bring a dessert to the gathering, around 7pm (hopefully enough time to have already had dinner,)  Hidden Valley will make coffee and supply plates and cups, music, etc.  You may also bring after dinner cocktails if you'd like.  The location will be announced later and will depend on the weather.  Call for details: 210-623-6737.
We're looking forward to getting together with everyone.
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