Seeing many an RV come through our gates at  Hidden Valley RV  I've noticed that some 20 year old RV's look like new and some 5 year old RV's show signs of oxidation, peeling decals, and fading paint.  Asking  the "new look" RV owners, I've found a pattern to reveal their secret.  They all wax their exteriors at least once a year.  Many elect to do the painstaking job themselves, often neglecting the roof, since it's the hardest to do and definitely needs to be done in the shade and preferably on a non-sunny day.  I recently did some research on local businesses to San Antonio that provide this service and the best price and overall deal seems to be at Paradise Car Wash and Detail Center, a very reputable wash/wax/detail service.
While your staying with us we can reserve your service time with them.  They will come to you at your Hidden Valley RV site and wash your rig (roof included) for $5/foot and wash/wax your RV for $9/foot.  If buffing is needed for badly oxidized rigs, the total price is $13/foot.  They supply the water and electricity for the job.  If you can get a second or third RV to agree to a wash/wax, or if you include your car or truck, they'll give you a discounted rate.  We have more info at the office and can take care of making the prepaid appointment for you if you'd like.
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