A Story about your Best RV'ing Experience Could Earn $200

A story about your best RVing experience could earn $200
MCLEAN, Va. -- Whether you're an ol' camp hand or new to the RV lifestyle, chances are you have a story to tell, and Best Parks in America wants to hear all about it.
Best Parks in America unveiled its Best Camping/RVing Experience Ever Contest. In 100 words or less describe your best camping/RVing experience ever and you could win a Visa gift card good anywhere that accepts Visa.
The first place winner will be awarded a $200 gift card, second place wins a $100 gift card, and third place takes away a $50 gift card.
All stories must be true to life and may be in any format (story, poem, etc.), but they must be 100 words or less. One entry per camper and all contest submissions should be sent via Best Parks in America's Contact Us page no later than June 25. Entrants will receive an e-mail confirmation and the winner will be announced in an upcoming Best Guests newsletter.
To submit a story, click here.
SOURCE: Best Parks in America press release
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