The Real Meaning of all those Technical RV Terms

Found this online and wanted to share the lighter side of RV technology/terminology...
Ever wondered the real meaning of some of the common RV phrases and lingo? If so, you need to read this "Lug_Nut Wacky Glossary for Recreational Vehicles." I isn’t quite the “RV Language for Dummies”, but should help you in understanding the real meanings of some of the more common words and phases associated with RVing.
Air Brakes: Useful if awnings deploy during high speed travel. (See Awnings)
Air Horns: Used late at night in campgrounds by Air Heads.
Allison Tranny: The girl that works the RV show information booth that is married to Joe Tranny.
Awnings: Wing like appendages that can deploy at high speeds in heavy wind to add lift and reduce vehicle weight. (Also see Air Brakes)

Back Up Camera: Always a good idea. Your Canon single lens reflex could crap out.
Batteries: Black square things that are capable of lighting your coach for about 15 minutes when it is not plugged in.
Boondocking: Being unable to figure out how to plug the RV in to an electrical outlet.
Campsite Power Pedestal: A place to anchor your RV using wires and hoses. Also acts as a bumper if you drive too far off the pad. Sometimes seen dragging behind a departing RV.
Charger: A small piece of plastic that that is frequently used to fix stuff on your RV that breaks, also called Visa.
Clearance Lights: Electrical light bulbs on sale.
Departure Angle: A scheme to skip camp before your new found friend, Cousin Eddy, wakes up.
Diesel Engine: Sounding like a herd of knock kneed cattle, it serves as a sign of departing camp within the next hour or two.
Diesel Pusher: A class “A” motor home with a diesel engine mounted in the rear, thereby pushing it.
Diesel Puller: A tow truck or wrecker attached to the front of a class “A” motor home.
Discount RV Resort: Walmart. (Note: At this time there are no class “A” only Walmarts)
Docking Lights: Handy for RVing after dark in flood prone regions.
Fantastic Fan: Any electric table fan you can find if your air conditioning breaks down.
Fifth Wheel: Your mother-in-law on an otherwise, nice camping weekend.
Full Body Paint: Great for Halloween, but hard to wash off.
GPS Navigation: A video game that is legal to play while driving.
Halogen Ceiling Lights: Good lighting that can illuminate an RV for about 2 hours before the bulb burns out.
Head: Also referred to as “The John”, “The Great White Thrown”, “The Thunder Bowl”
In-Motion Dish: A round like salad bowl with rubber on the bottom to prevent sliding while moving. Great for popcorn. Also a name for a dish left on the counter during a panic stop event.
Jake Brake: Similar to a smoke break but Jake is usually smoked in a pipe.
K.O.A.: Kertainly a great plake to kamp. You kan usually rely on konsisent kamping servikes. They kan be found in the U.S. and Kanada.
Leveling Jacks: A camping board game played with a level bubble and a dice. If a player breaks the windshield the other players win by default.
Mouse: Usually accompanied by other ones, thereby better described as mice. These normally occupy the little inhabited RV basement.
No Address Found: Standard response to any location entered in the GPS navigating. Usually followed by “Make A U-Turn If Possible” and the often repeated "recalculating."
Outdoor Entertainment Center: Grey screen that provides hours of entertainment trying to determine what’s on during a normal bright sunny day.
Pop-Up: An annoying page that pops up while on your computer.
Sewer Hose: Colorful leaky hose, much like a soaker hose, but smellier.
Shower (RV Shower): It is difficult to express the showering experience felt in an entry level RV, but, perhaps it could be best described as standing naked in a closet with a wet dog.
Service (RV Service): A mythical belief which its existence is yet to be confirmed. Much like the Abominable Snowman.
Slide Out: Great for meeting new people while getting leaks and malfunctions fixed in service shops.
Spring Park Brake: Actually pronounced “Spring Break Park”, a gathering place for spring breakers near Fort Lauderdale.
Tag Axle: An axle on sale at a dealer usually associated with a red tag special.
Trailer Hitch Ball: Wild wedding party in a trailer park.
Warranty: This is a period of time after which the vehicle self destructs.
Wet Hubs: Found on the front axle. Most common cause is a large male dog.

Reprinted from: The Lug_Nut RV Whacky Glossary. The Real Meanings

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