Travel Tip for RV'ers from Canada

Since most travelers of all sorts today use credit cards and debit cards almost exclusively, you've probably noted that many businesses, especially gas stations, ask for the billing 5 digit zip code for the credit card. For us lower 49'ers that's a no brainer. But what does a traveler from Ontario, Montreal or British Columbia do? Their postal codes are 6 units...for example, this postal code from Surrey, British Columbia: V3N4R1.
Just learned a tried and true way for our Canadian visitors to enter an acceptable 5 digit # into the keypad when requested. Use the three numbers in the code and add two 0's. The postal code above would be entered as 34100 . This saves time and a trip into the gas station when you'd rather just pay at the pump. Welcome to the US to our Northern neighbors and thanks for the tip Barrie.
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