?The River Walk Mud Festival?

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Although we all prefer to see the San Antonio River FULL and teaming with the river barges and the calming effect of the constantly moving water along with the active day and night life it accompanies...once a year, every year...the river bed needs a bath. And- since most anything is a reason for celebration in the "fiesta city"-behold, San Antonio's Annual Riverwalk Mud Festival. Held for one week in January to celebrate the draining of the San Antonio River for maintenance, the actual Mud Festival is held AFTER the River is filled back up, from 1/10/2008 - 1/13/2008. Civic & Media personalities vie for the title of the Mud Queen & Mud King by competing to see who can raise the most quarter votes for the Association. The celebration features: the Mud Pie Ball, the Mud Coronation, the Mud Parade, and an Arts & Crafts Show. The Arts & Crafts Show runs for 3 days beginning on the 11 and ends on the 13th.

****For more info visit the River Walks official website here or contact: Events Director, Phone: 210-227-4262 Fax: 210-212-7602.
Once the River is back to normal don't leave town without taking a ride on the River Barge.
Rio San Antonio Cruises is the boat ride company that offers the boat tours. You can purchase tickets for the tour at any of the three locations on the river: Rivercenter Mall, across from the Hilton Hotel, or at Holiday Inn River Walk. The 35 minute tour focuses on some of San Antonio's riverside famed spots and it's rich history. Either relax on the tour and see the River the easy way or get a day pass and flag down the boats to get a lift to your favorite spots. You can get further info at the Reservation Center. 1-800-417-4139 or local (210) 244-5700 or
****Fares are as follows:$2.00 Children (1-5 yrs old)$7.75 Adults$5.00 Senior Citizens, Active Duty Military & Bexar County Residents (with proper ID)Rio Taxi (Rio Trans) tickets are $4.00 one way, 24 hour pass $10.00 and 3 day pass $25.00.
Speaking of tours, don't forget to get Hidden Valley's complementary virtual map tour of San Antonio when you arrive in San Antonio. Before you settle into your campsite we'll show you what there is to see, plot it out on an easy map and help you find needed services, stores and attractions. Want to see the San Antonio BEHIND & BEYOND the Alamo and the River Walk? Our Hidden Valley website provides a wide variety of helpful links to explore. San Antonio's temperatures have been in the mid to upper 70's so this is the perfect time for a break from the rest of the nations cold rain and snow.
Ya'll come see us!
Watch our next post for vital San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo statistics.

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