A Bird Watchers Paradise

For 30 years the local Audobon Society has enjoyed visiting Hidden Valley for its diverse variety of Texan birds. The trained eyes and ears of "gbird" as I affectionately call our local Audobon enthusiast has spotted and/or heard at least 169 different kinds of birds. Although I'm not a professional photographer, I've gotten a few shots of interesting flying creatures that I've included here.

This is a shot from a distance of a Belted Kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon) perched above a small pond fishing for breakfast. Moving a little closer, I got a better shot of him/her.

This woodpecker lives in the trees by the office so I see/hear him often.

Our Medio Creek has more than just catfish. These cattle egrets perch atop this skeleton of a tree to catch a good view of their territory.

These are my pride and joy. This little Carolina Wren pops in and out of a lattice fence to reach its nest. Hanging on the lattice was an antique oil/gas can. In the spirit of recycling this inovative mom built her nest and proceeded to fill it with little red speckled eggs which her and daddy wren visit off and on all day long.
Technical difficulties force me to end this post but I'll continue it on a separate page.
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