Another RV Antenna Bites the Dust

If I pull out with my TV antenna up one more time I am going to turn my keys in!

One of the most common things missed while getting ready to pull out of a site is leaving the TV antenna up.  I have even had people honking at me trying to let me know that my antenna was sticking up and I actually waved at them like they were my friends.  

Funny RV Toon showing the hazards of not having a hook up check list

It doesn't matter what type of RV you are sporting, Motor Home, Bumper Pull, or 5th Wheel, there is probably a TV antenna up there. Most of them are a crank up system; some are stationary.  If it is the movable type you must remember to lower it before you hit the road.

 Some people use a check list to remember all the little hook up duties and some just wing it.  I use a system that fits somewhere between the two.  Along with a fairly detailed written checklist I have learned to leave myself stop-guards, tricks and reminders. 

RV Park sign reminding RVers of the most forgotten steps for departures

I have hooked my 5th wheel trailer up so many times it is like second nature.  But, if I am parked in one place for an extended period of time the process becomes more like 3rd or 4th nature.  I forget my routine. I find myself saying "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah" as I go through the hook up process, so I have developed some break-point reminders.
Here is how I have saved myself from the embarrassing and costly mistake of leaving my TV antenna up.   The minute I unhook, I take the lock pin from the hitch lever and hang it on my antenna crank handle.  Then when I hook back up I have to go retrieve the pin off the antenna crank and “Aha” this is enough to remind me to roll the antenna down while I am there.
Hitch Pin hanging from antenna crank

I don't know how many times this has saved me but I CAN tell you how many times it didn't.  That information is documented in my check book.

Any tips that you'd like to share in the comments would be appreciated.  The crazier, the better: those are usually the best tips.

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Janice has recently become a solo RVer. Having Oregonian roots she now is a "6 time across the US" RV traveler and enjoys workamping, yarn crafts, hiking and biking and everything horses. Guest blogging is a new addition to her interests.

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