A Digital Eye in the Sky

While sitting by the fire with some guests this past week and talking "geek," you know,  ipads and new ways to edit photos and get WiFi in the boonies - an RVer introduced us to the wonderful world of the starry sky and planet, comet and constellation location with a handy app that works by pointing your smartphone towards the sky.  

GoSkyWatch Planetarium - the astronomy star guide

GoSkyWatch Planetarium - app icon

So simple and full of animations that make sky gazing a fun experience even for new astronomers.  No matter how remote the location (the remoter the better if you want to escape city lights) you can still access the app since it will work even without an internet connection once you have it downloaded.  

It's available on iTunes for iOS for $3.99, CLICK HERE (you'll need to sign into your iTunes acct for iPhones and iPads) and there's  

A compatible app for androids called SkEye for free on the Google Play Store CLICK HERE

Constellation Screenshot from the iPhone appGalaxy Screenshot from the iPhone app 

   Screenshots from the iPhone app

So the next time YOU'RE out by the campfire - share this great and easy to use app with your friends.  Do you have any favorite apps that you couldn't live without?  Please share them with us in the comments.

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