Sparkling Light Craft for Your RV

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive way to dress up your RV? Here is a fun activity the whole family can help with.

All you will need is:
  • A stapler  
  • 50 9oz soft plastic cups 
  • 100 mini lights string (different color combos can accompany different seasons or holidays)
  • drill 
1. First, drill a hole in the bottom of 50 cups big enough to fit two of the lights from the string of lights.
2. Then, place 12 of the cups in a circle stapling each cup twice to secure them together.

3. Next, form the next layer which is going to be a circle of 9 cups. This time each cup is going to be stapled 3 times on each side and then to the bottom layer of 12.
4. The next layer is going to be 4 cups attached to each other and also the bottom layer. It should have the shape of a half sphere.

5. Then repeat steps 2-4 and form the bottom half of your sphere.
6. Then you are going to take one end of the string of lights and start inserting 2 lights in each cup working around, zigzagging from outer cups to inner cups. End up at the cup next to one you started with. Then repeat this step in the second half of the sphere starting at the other end of the string of lights.

7. Finally you are going to connect the two halves of the sphere by stapling the bottom layer of each half.

This sparking light sphere is perfect for decorating the outside of your RV. You'll be the envy of the entire RV park with your festive lighting.   


Contributed by Bethany Castillo. 
Bethany enjoys writing about a variety of topics including travel, animals and food. She is also an avid reader of magazines, 
novels, and blogs.  
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