Let's Resurrect a Old Tradition

Whenever our family took vacations, it went without saying that some time would be spent on picking out postcards, deciding which is best for each recipient, addressing them to family and friends then buying postcard stamps, somewhat cheaper than letter stamps, and mailing them off in enough time for them to be received before our vacation ended. 

While postcards themselves still exist, their store display is usually dusty and the cards tend to be curved on the edges from advanced age.  My kids don't even know what a postcard is.  But the tradition was so much a part of travel that it's sad for me to see it fall into disuse.

But, thankfully, "THERE'S AN APPS FOR THAT."

There are some apps that carry the tradition to it's full original intent.  These take YOUR phone or tablet photos into purely personalized postcards that can be sent nationally or internationally for about $.99 to $2.00 each on professional glossy paper.  Real nice touch.

Alas, snail mail is NOT my passion.  Haven't sent an actual letter or postcard in as long as I can remember. But I love to communicate and keep up and remember my loved ones while I'm away on travels so this app, POSTCARD is perfect for me.  This handy application for travelers, helps you share the exciting moments of your travels with friends on the internet.  You create and personalize your postcard with weather and GPS locator details.  You can even include a QR (quick response ) code with more info about your location.

Here's a list of the features:

QR Code
- Lots of image filter
- add Sticker
- add Text Art
- add note/memo
- Customize stamp
- real QR code location
- Share to any social networking like facebook, instagram, WhatApps, Line , etc (yay!)
and more ....


This app is photo editor app that turn your photo to postcard and can share to any application install on your device base Intent share
1. Take photo using camera or use photos from image gallery.
2. Adjust image filter by tab on horizontal list below image view
3. Add memo/note by should on " icon, here you can change font as you what.
4. Add sticker by tab on smiley icon and choose sticker
5. To transform you can tab on sticker drag, fling, rotate, zoom.
6. Add Text Art by tab on A icon modified text, theme ,color, font, size, angle as you want.
7. Switch to filter mode by tab on empty area on image view.
8. Change stamp and airmail location by tab on stamp

Android Google Play Download Link

I looked on itunes for a comparable  app download link and found several apps where you could have your designed postcard physically sent for a small fee.  Here's an ios download link for one of those, called Touchnote. But I liked this one because you could share it online, no postage required.

 If you find a comparable app on itunes, feel free to share the link in the comments.

Have fun with this DIY postcard app.

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