"Fork in the River" Tour Review

I am so excited to have been invited to the first viewing of a new attraction here in San Antonio.  I have posted before about the wonderful walking tours available in San Antonio given by  Mr. Pepe and his "San Antonio Walks" tour outfit.  In addition to their history tour focusing on the Alamo and nearby historical icons, there is a King William Historic Neighborhood tour which tops the charts in my book.  

But now..."BIG NEWS! The "Fork in the River" food tour begins Mid - June" announces their online flyer.   Although the details are not
Riverwalk view from one of the river barges
RiverWalk view from one of the River boats
fully disclosed as of yet, Gary, (Mr Pepe) has given me a short description on his recent invitation and I am so excited to be among the first to sample his presentation of a tour of the River Walk and its well known and highly acclaimed cuisine including historic and architectural highlights of the city - all in one engaging tour!  Since each tour accommodates only ten persons, to enhance the tour experience, reservations are a must.  I am anxious for three reasons, (1) the fabulous food included in the tour from such famous establishments as Biga on the Banks (2) learning more about our culture-filled city AND (3) so I can pass this opportunity on to my guests at our San Antonio RV Park, Hidden Valley.  

So, Friday June 7 is the big day and I will rush right home to do a review of the tour so you can include it in your 2013 San Antonio plans.  

Meanwhile, take a moment to check out the red links in this post so you get a taste of the tours available, a past review of the King William Historical Neighborhood tour and one of the several of San Antonio's most renowned chefs and restaurants providing sample specialties for the tasting during the new "Fork in the River" Tour.

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