Why Didn't I Think of That...Great RV Idea

Keep your stuff on your RV shelves with this idea 

Hidden Valley RV Park is a big reader of other RV related blogs. This is a blog I love and this post is a direct quote from the blog RV Now, where Jim Twamley receives and shares great RV travel ideas and tricks.  This is one that I always contend with in my current RV.  Some RV medicine cabinet shelves have a sufficient "lip" to hold in the contents but this RVer had the same problem as me.  Check out his solution, then head on over to Jim's blog for lots of simple solutions to RV "problems."RV Medicine CabinetFull time RVer John Evers had a problem with his 5th wheel medicine cabinet. Rver John EversEvery time he towed his 5er the next time he opened his medicine cabinet stuff fell out. He thought about using an expandible cuttain rod, but it wouldn't effectively keep the small bottles in place. Instead he used two thin pieces of wood about four inches wide as "fences" to hold his stuff in place.Johns Medine Cabinet SolutionHe uses two pieces because they will easily slide into place then he secures them with a large clip you can get at any stationary store. Use a simple clip to hold togetherThis is a simple yet effective way to secure the small stuff. Wow, why didn't I think of that?Thanks John for another great RV idea. Shutting the door to falling objects - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

Wasn't that simple?  Have any RV tips and tricks of your own?  Please share them with us in the comments.

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