Is True Hospitality Recognized Anymore?

Everyday we read in the paper and online of people getting awards for some good deed.  Not that ALL those awards aren't deserved but from time to time a person is recognized for a TRULY selfless contribution, the accumulation of all the little things that make such a difference in peoples lives.  One of our humble full time RV Park guests, who will probably blush when reading this, devotes much of her life and time to making the lives of others richer.  

In our RV Community, she is usually the first to make friends with newcomers.  Although making friends among RVers is a common thing, Her manner is so hospitable that when our repeat guests phone or  email me, they often mention her in their comments and always ask for the site next to "Jackie, John and the girls," the girls being her brood of 4 extremely well behaved chihuahuas.  At park events and potlucks she's always the first to "join our event" on Facebook and her potluck contributions are always the most sought after and the first to be finished.  Did I mention she's the best pastry chef and cook in Texas, the UP of Michigan and maybe the US?  Her and her husband, John, are always offering their hand to help with park activities and have taken personal interest in some in the RV community as if they were their own family.

And it's not just US tooting her horn.  The Fort Sam Houston News Leader reported in their August 2nd publication that: 

"In a special presentation (Major General) Volpe recognized another individual, Jacqueline Smith, wife of Master Sargeant John Smith, of the Army Medical Department and School." 

Jackie's Doctor Mary Walker Award and pin

Our own Jackie Smith received the Doctor Mary Walker Award for her volunteer work.  This award is presented to "an outstanding military spouse for demonstrating dedicated and exceptional volunteerism, that improved the quality of life for soldiers and their families."

Over the years She has spent many an hour making baby quilts for soldiers' children, cooking meals and baking goodies for the wounded soldiers at the Medical Center and has now crafted this perfect replica of the AMMEDDC&S crest.  Her handmade quilt depicting the Army Medical Department crest is now displayed inside the Blesse Auditorium.

John, her proud husband, is on the left.
 Her work was so admired by the other departments at the base that 2 others have commissioned her to quilt replicas of their crest. 

Jackie's most recent creation is a table cover for the Hidden Valley Clubhouse dining table of her own design.

So for Jackie and all those who "follow the course of hospitality" (Rom 12:13) a warm and hearty shout out and thank you!  We are so glad to have you as part of our RV family.

Teri Blaschke is the RV Park operator of family owned HiddenValley RV Park in San Antonio, TX and writer of the park blog “A Little Piece of Country in San Antonio.” Teri contributes to various other blogs with a focus on either travel or social media and how it relates to the outdoor hospitality industry but her passion is serving the RV travel community by providing a memorable RV camping experience and growing the Hidden Valley RV family.  Connect with , Facebook and Twitter@HiddenValleyRV

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