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After our last post, several have asked for details on the Gate Guard Companies.  To assist any who are interested in Gate Guarding I am publishing this compiled list of gate guard companies.  The managers and info for each company can change but as of this printing this info is current.  If you find any discrepancies please reply in the comments so I can correct the info.  The websites provide the requirements for employment and the job responsibilities.  If you want some testimonials for the individual companies I suggest you check with the forums available and personal blogs or this personal blog of current gate guards.  A google search of "gate guards" will set you up with enough research for hours.  

BTW, just in case you haven't come across this phenomena of gate guarding yet, gate guarding is an employment position popularized by the oil boom across the country, especially in TX, and involves living on a ranch site in your RV and performing assorted duties to provide security for the site.  It is almost always done by two persons since it is mostly a 24/7 type job.  It includes reimbursement plus your site and utilities and requires a license which is fairly easy to acquire.  Couples employed check in service vehicles entering the ranch and "watch the gate" as the job title infers.  This has become a growing means for full time RVers to support their lifestyle and is a very popular workamping venue.

John, Sue (210-213-8851), Shawn, Kitty
Corpus Christi
953-821-5815 John

4646 Corona Ste 163
Corpus Christi 78411
Sid Smith

Eagle Pass

Oil Field Support Services
Corpus Christi
Richardson, TX  75083

Trinity Gate Guard Services
Richwood, TX 
Connie and JB Roberson, Jr & Sr., Ben?

Primo Gate
Brent Williams

KC Services
John 956-236-5255

Alcatraz Gate Guard Services,
Fort Worth, TX

Streamline Field Services

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Jerry said...

I can highly recommend Kit and Jerry Bertleson at They have extensive experience gate guarding in South Texas.

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