Some Fixed Income Solutions for Fulltime RVers

Before embarking on a full time RV lifestyle, I dare say that each and every 'wanna be' struggles with thoughts of how to subsidize a fixed income while leading a mobile life.  If you're on the road a lot and you are living on a fixed income, then you may feel the crunch on your wallet. Fortunately, if you're a savvy traveler there are ways to add a little extra green to your cash flow without giving up your time traveling in your RV. This two part article outlines a few ideas we've seen work well.  For instance, you could:

1. Get Crafty

Homespun fleece shawlHand-made items, whether dog treats or sweaters, can net you a pretty penny if you know how to sell them. You can stop by traveling fairs and flea markets, open a stall at an RV park or even open your own website to sell your items—as long as you have reliable Internet access, that is.  [Our Hidden Valley guests have sold everything from RV washing chemicals to exercise aids, not to mention a crafty grandma who made knitted and crocheted articles that she fashioned from raw cotton, wool and fleece.  It was quite a process watching her spinning the yarn right on her RV patio.  Another talented couple made jewelry with both precious and semi-precious stones.  Many RV parks are near flea markets and San Antonio, for one, is loaded with craft shops and fairs to market such handmade craft.]

2. Delivery Driver

RV drivers can deliver all kinds of different things. You could pick up packages and take them all over the country, and in some cases you can even deliver the RV that you're driving. If you have a reliable record and want to see the country, then this is a valid option.  [With the Eagle Ford Shale oil boom  in the south Texas area, some RVers are employed to taxi oil field employees to their oil field locations in a company van that they get to bring home each evening.] 

3. Buy and Sell

If you have an eye for unique items and antiques in your travels, and you can get a good bargain, then you can put up listings on Ebay or Craigslist to sell what you find. You'll need some capital initially in order to buy the items in the first place, but if you have a good eye then you can make quite a profit from the unique and unusual treasures that you come across in your travels.

4. Travel Blog Writing

Travel blogs need experienced writers to tell people where to go, and what to see when they get there. If you're a constant traveler in your RV, and you like to go places and see things, then you have just the information that these websites are looking for. If you can develop an interesting and engaging writing style that will draw readers to the blog (and if you can provide quality information about destinations that people actually want to visit), then this is an ideal option. [Stay tuned for tomorrows post and other ways to use this idea as income.]

5. Professional Photographer

If you can capture the right images during your travels, then you can make a lot of money as a photographer. Websites need pictures of exotic locales to pair with reviews, and landscape photography tends to do pretty well.

Watch for our next article and six more tips to stay solvent while on the road.

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