San Antonio in Your RV Travel Plans?

San Antonio Weather/Rainfall Chart
In June, July and August, we are a sun worshipers paradise and the ideal spot for those who thrive on sweltering temps.  But what is Texas like the rest of the year?  And what are some reasons to put Texas in your winter travel plans?

1.  The Weather

Generally, we are blessed with beautiful warm and sometimes tropical type climate. The accompanying chart shows our wettest months as being July and October and for the most part that plays out as true.  This is the state famous for it's 500 year floods every couple of years.  If you've spent any time in our city you're probably familiar with the saying: "Don't like the weather...wait five minutes."  I hail from a northeastern state and this adage became evident to me early on in my residency here.  The past few years have been marked by extreme drought but even so, occasional flash floods abound.  No where else I've lived can produce a flash flood right before your eyes in a matter of moments or go from overnight temps of 35 degrees (on a rare February night)  to a tropical 85 degrees in the same 24 hour period.  Not that it stays on the ground for very long, but we've even experienced some white stuff blanketing the ground a few times, to our great joy, since it occurs so seldom.
Nature Trail Sprinkled with Snow
Hidden Valley's Nature Trail with Snow

 San Antonians all turn into kids, attempting snowmen, angels in the snow and snowball fights as soon as the first flurry falls so as not to miss the short time we have it around.

Suffice it to say, we've got all kinds of weather in San Antonio but our winters are a welcome escape from the icy cold northern states and Canada.  Combine that with our exciting city, the River Walk, the Alamo, the historical missions, el Mercado (the Mexican Marketplace) and so much more...well, you've just got to get away to San Antonio at least once.  So even though the temps may be warm where you are today, why not start making plans for this winter season? 



2.  The RV Park

If you're looking for a heated pool, exercise room, quilting bees, computer clinics and weekly dances with live music, you sound like an energetic traveler and lots of fun to be with.  BUT, Hidden Valley is not in this "resort" class of parks, although we do have an occasional event or pot luck, sit around the bonfire with our guests and share a cup of coffee or two in the mornings.  We guarantee warm hospitality and specialize in guiding you to San Antonio's favorite and even her less known points of interest.  From the time you get your reservation confirmation email to your registration at the park and throughout your stay,
Hidden Valley RV Park Bonfire
Campfire With Friends at the Bonfire Cove at Hidden Valley RV
Get Togethers on the Clubhouse Patio
Get Togethers on the Clubhouse Patio at Hidden Valley RV
we can suggest  tours, bike riding trails, nearby day trip opportunities, local favorite restaurants and current happenings around the city.  If you're like me when you travel, you may just want to relax at camp.  The quiet, country atmosphere makes Hidden Valley a great place for that too.  You can spend a day fishing in our private Medio Creek, sit in the warm sun at in the bonfire cove or play a game of cards with some friends at the Clubhouse.  Check out our Free RV COUNTRY Magazine to access our website, blog and social sites (facebook, etc..) From there you can coordinate your visit with one of our cities

festivals or Rodeos or a Hidden Valley event like our Oktoberfest or the Gobbler Get Together (this year - Saturday, November 30, 2013.)   We're open year round at Hidden Valley and you can make your reservations by phone (Reservation Hotline 210-623-6737) or online and we'll help you plan your itinerary for a stay of a few nights, a week, a holiday weekend, a month or a whole season.  We look forward to helping you make some great San Antonio memories.
This brings us to another reason to put San Antonio on your winter travel map:



3.  Unique Attractions

Boat Cruise on the San Antonio River Walk
The San Antonio Riverwalk

Fiesta Noche Del rio
Fiesta Noche Del Rio
The River walk at Christmas
The Riverwalk at Christmas
February's Rodeo Longhorns

The San Antonio Missions
The San Antonio Missions

Gruene, Texas dancehall
Day Trip Opportunities to nearby Fredericksburg, Gruene, Austin and more

Those are just a few ideas for a trip to Texas and Hidden Valley RV Park.  A visit to our San Antonio RV Park website or the Official San Antonio website  has lots more details.  Remember, Texas is a winter wonderland especially for RVers so...Y'all come see us!

Teri Blaschke is the RV Park operator of family owned HiddenValley RV Park in San Antonio, TX and writer of the park blog “A Little Piece of Country in San Antonio.” Teri contributes to various other blogs with a focus on either travel or social media and how it relates to the outdoor hospitality industry but her passion is serving the RV travel community by providing a memorable RV camping experience and growing the Hidden Valley RV family.  Connect with , Facebook and Twitter@HiddenValleyRV
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