Four Quick Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

Consider these timely and healthy tips for RVers and Campers:

submitted by travel expert David Johnson

Choosing and Planning Healthy Recipes for a Mobile Family 

How to choose healthy recipes for your family to eat from one day to the next can be a fun activity. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are meals eaten for energy to keep going. These meals can be nutritious and fun. Take the time to think about everyone's favorite dish and you will have a great start on planning the menu.
Consider if any family members have special dietary needs and how these can be worked effectively into the family meal organization. If it is necessary to delete sugar, this can be done with a variety of substitutes and the taste of the food will lose none of the flavor. Salt can also be deleted and flavorful herbs can take their place. 
RV travelers do not have the garage storage for the extra things you might forget you needed, so planning family meals is extremely important. Lack of ease navigating an area may prevent venturing out to the nearest store during dinnertime for further cooking items. Especially if you travel without an extra vehicle, packing up the motor home just to drive to town is cumbersome.  This makes meal planning even more important.
A good cook realizes the need for green leafy vegetables and health-giving protein. Food groups are a serious consideration. Most recipe books will have a list of suggestions of what goes best with different foods and how much each recipe will serve. RV families have just as much fun planning meals as families staying home. Leftovers from meal planning make for a healthy way to have a snack before dinnertime. 

Family Involvement 

Give each family member the opportunity to pick a dish and serve it on a particular night along with the rest of the dinner. Depending upon the number of family members, one person can choose the main course, the other the dessert, and so on. This creates family involvement and a real enjoyment for dinner activity. 

Pizza Night 

Some families love pizza night. This dish is fun and it can even be relatively healthy. You can pick up a fairly healthy pizza at most pizza restaurants.   Some people may not think of a restaurant menu as a menu for a family meal — but a healthy pizza filled with vegetables can provide a nice break for the cook who is usually on duty seven days a week.  Alternatively, many grocers now carry the pizza dough already prepared and you add your own canned, prepared sauce, cheese, meats and/or veggies. 




A meal filled with sandwiches and fruits makes a splendid choice. Lettuce and tomatoes mixed with a nice selection of other items makes a great meal on a hot day. Use your imagination!

Choosing healthy recipes for your family does not always mean finding the most complicated way to prepare a meal and does not always include tireless work. Nutrition is the object of a healthy menu for your family. Meals for holidays or everyday dinners create fond memories for all taking part, so planning an appetizing dish is important.  The RV dinner is something special; whether you are eating a sandwich while looking out on a National Forest or touring historic San Antonio's Missions, an RV family dinner can be a spectacular event.

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Check back tomorrow for some other tips  for staying healthy on the road.

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