Number 2 Steakhouse in Texas

"Lets Eat" with Barry & Joyce

219 East Houston Street
San Antonio, TX
Do you want to have a "once in a lifetime" dining experience?  How about eating the best cut of beef that you have ever had?  If you answered yes to those questions, then you need to make reservations at Bohanan's.  Believe us, you won't be disappointed.  Joyce and I were given a give a gift certificate to the restaurant for Christmas so last week, while we visited San Antonio at Hidden Valley RV Park we decided to use it.
Before I get into telling you about our experience at Bohanan's, let me say this is a VERY upscale eatery and the prices on the menu reflect it.  Actually, the prices are not on the online menu...that should be a hint that prices may be a little out of the ordinary.  Your going to spend a lot of money here, period.  So that I don't scare you off before you read this review, I'm not going to talk about menu prices at all.  I will say that you'll probably spend over $100 a person at Bohanan's. Note, this is only one page of a menu stacked with delectable seafood, vegies, desserts and beverages
After dropping our truck off with the valet, the maître d' ushered us to the elevator that took us to the dining room.  There we were met by Antonio who showed us to a table in the main section of the room.  There are tables past this part of the restaurant that over-look the River Walk and we wondered how you get one of those.    

When Joyce made our reservations she was told to plan at least two hours for dinner.  After being seated, Antonio asked us if we had any time constraints so that he could pace our dinning experience.  No need to hurry at Bohanan's.
After being seated and given a few minutes to peruse the extensive menu, Antonio returned with a large tray with "off-menu" cuts of steak.  These special USDA Prime cuts of meat are aged at least 45 days and include a Ribeye, a bone-in Filet and New York.  The New York is dry-aged for 45 days.
Also on the tray were two cuts of Akaushi beef, a Ribeye and a Loin Strip.  Akaushi cattle, a Bos Taurus type of cattle had their origin and evolution in Kumamoto, Japan. Kumamoto is located in the middle of Kyushu island at a latitude of 32 degrees, 48 minutes North and 130 degrees, 42 minutes East, in the northwest part of the Kumamoto Prefecture.
In 1994 due to a loophole in the trade Act of 1992 between the United States and Japan, a small nucleus of Akaushi cows and bulls were brought to the United States in a specially equipped Boeing 747. Today, Akaushi genetics are controlled by a group of Texans under the name HeartBrand Beef, Inc. at their ranch in Yoakum, TX.
Antonio told us that this beef is amazing and almost melts in your mouth.  For this beef you will pay about 63% more than the other beef served at Bohanan's.
Bohanan's regular menu is impressive.  In addition to steaks there is several seafood offerings including Hawaiian Big Eyed Ahi Tuna and the one Joyce chose, Mesquite-Grilled Red Snapper Royale.
Also on the menu are lamb, veal, chicken and quail dishes that looked good.
Ok, enough about the menu's.  Let's get to the review of the food.
I chose the off-menu Ribeye steak.  This is a 16oz bone-in cut that looked and tasted unbelievably good.  In fact, I have to say that this is the very best steak I have ever had in my life.  I ordered it medium-rare and when served it was perfect.
Joyce's snapper dish was wonderful as well.  The fish was fresh and cooked to perfection.  I did share a few bites of my steak with her.
Was the food worth the price?  Probably not.  Was the price we paid for our dining experience justified?  Maybe.  We think that everyone should experience something like this at least once in their lifetime.
One thing you have to remember about most high-end steak houses is that everything on the menu is served À la carte so, when you order a steak, that is what you get.  If your want a potato or other veggies, you have to order them separate from you entrée.
So, if you have a couple of hundred dollars to spare and want to have the most incredible steak you might ever have in your life, then Bohanan's is the place to go.
Additional note:  Notice the Bohanan's menu cover claims  the rating of No. 2 Steakhouse in Texas?  Certainly an earned title but it made me wonder as to who "Texas Monthly" named the #1.  Wonder no more...on your visit to the Galveston Texas coast, stroll on over to The Steakhouse at the San Luis Resort.  They feature...well that's another "Let's Eat" with Barry and Joyce.

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