Shoppers Paradise, Even if You Hate Shopping


Recently Joyce and I made the drive up to the Fredericksburg area to explore the Fredericksburg Trade Days at Sunday Farms.  Located seven miles east of Fredericksburg, TX on US 290, the Trade Days are held every third weekend throughout the year.  In the month of November they are open the second weekend as well.  In December the show is moved up to the second week.


 The Trade Days are essentially a flea market but with a Texas twist.  Not only are there vendors selling everything you can think of, there's a "biergarten" located right in the middle of the grounds with a live band playing some great boot scootin' country music all day.


How 'bout them vendors?  Well, there are over 350, some set up in "shops" all over the grounds.  Also, there are six barns you can browse through to your heart's content.  Do you need a 1940's vintage drill press?  You can bet one of the folks selling tools has got one.  How about an old bed?  Yep, there out there.  How about an automatic feeder?  We found one!

Craft vendors are everywhere.  We saw a lot of beautiful handmade jewelry of all kinds,  anything from small turquoise ear rings to huge "Texas bling" rings and necklaces.  Several vendors had their metal sculptures on display.  What everyone needs in there front yard is a five-foot pink flamingo.  Set one up right in front of the RV, folks.

Redneck Wine Glass
Antiques abound at Trade Days.  We saw beautiful old furniture, collectable belt buckles, rings, jewelry and much more.  We even saw some very old shirt studs with the Texas Lone Star on them: just what you need to fancy up that white western shirt.  Absolutely beautiful!  We found a vendor selling old and new, cabinet knobs and handles.  You need some knobs with the Texas Lone Star on them?  He's got them.

While shopping you’re sure to work up a powerful hunger.  There was kettle corn, pastry's, corn dogs, burgers and of course, barbecue.  In fact, you can smell the smoked meats wafting throughout the grounds.

The Trade Days is open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday & Saturday/9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday.  Parking is three bucks in a front pasture, one of which is available for RV parking and special events.

So, if you need something unique or special for someone on your Christmas giving list, Joyce and I highly recommend a day trip from Hidden Valley RV Park up to the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  You’re sure to find something there to fill any Christmas wish list.
Fredericksburg Trade Days
355 Sunday Farms Lane
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

"Out and About" With Barry and Joyce is published when ever Barry finds a gem wants to share.  Watch for more in this series and the "Let's Eat Out" Texas Restaurant reviews series. 

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