One Life Ending, Another Beginning

     One of our guests has just completed a unique adventure that is really just beginning.  What can that mean?  Here's the story...
Amy and Patrick have had their RV, their home for the last few months, at Hidden Valley RV Park.  A quiet couple, by most standards, but very lovable, too, they've just returned from meeting with their friends and family for the occasion of their wedding. They wanted a simple event but with a unique twist.  So, they planned a beach wedding.  All beach weddings are beautiful because their back drop is the raw beauty of nature and the ocean, waves and sand but to take it one step further, this blessed event was carried to the tropical paradise of Hawaii.  A picture is worth a thousand words so here are four thousand more words to chronicle the beginning of their life together. 

 (I would have loved to catch that luscious bouquet)

Can't you just FEEL the emotions they are experiencing?

 A memorable way to start 
     a new life together. 

As you move on to new places we will miss ya'll but we'll always remember the couple from site 14. 

Congratulations...Amy and Patrick.
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