An Ancient Egyptian Camper

Scarab RV and Setzer&Co, LLC-Ultralite Tent Campers
That's what came to mind when I first found this new RV product, the Scarab.  The name conjures up a vision from the movie, The Mummy, where scarabs, little beetles, sacred Egyptian symbols, can eat human flesh faster than you can say..."the fastest way to set up camp."  Is it a RV...a tent?  All three!

This little apparatus will have the most inexperienced tent camper set up and ready to enjoy their site in...get this... 40 seconds!  That's the claim.  They call it Gorilla Camping and this is their website tag line:

To hit the road until you drop and to have a convenient accommodation to drop into, at the touch of a button!
 YES! At the touch of a button!
Queen size sleeping area, 22 cubic feet of storage and easy access to the front storage compartment. Storage of up to 80” long and 43”  wide.
Tows like a dream with a 300 pound dry weight and 550 pound gross capacity.
Low Weight—Low Drag—Low Center of Gravity—Low Profile—FAST Setup!

 Is this the coolest? 
 I'm an RVer in my more mature years but I'd go tent camping in a minute with this babyNo more stakes and posts and an hour or more just to get the tent the way you like it...and needing usually 2 persons to accomplish the feat. 

And isn't this inviting? 
Check out their site and if you're on LinkedIn, join the Roadtrip-Marketing Travel By Land Group for some interesting price details.

And if you get one of these before me, may I borrow it for a weekend?  

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