It's More than Just a Shoe Store

They call themselves "more than just a shoe store," and that they are.  The San Antonio Shoe Factory has been an 'item' here in Texas since 1976.  It's founders were disgruntled employees in the shoe industry who refused to let the changing times and high cost of materials affect the quality of the shoes they crafted.  As the video on their site reveals, the materials and craftsmanship that goes into each shoe is of the highest caliber.  Furthermore it results in a shoe promoting foot health and great comfort.  They pride themselves in the softest, best fitting most comfortable shoe made.
In 1978, SAS, as they became known, built on a general store and retail location to their factory complex at 101 New Laredo Highway.  Antiques- reminiscent of a by gone era when pride was put into all manufacturing-were collected and displayed in the store.   A visit there was always looked forward to by young ones because visitors were provided fresh popcorn, icy cokes (in the little green bottles) and peanuts in the shell. We've been sending our San Antonio RV Park guests here for the past 30 years.
A chocolate-chip cookie.
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In 1998 the complex burned pretty extensively in a fire but this made way for a new and improved general store including a candy store, ice cream parlor and kitchen.  The General Store offers many handcrafted items, regional interest goods and plenty of old fashioned penny candy.My childrens favorite was and still is the delicious baked chocolate chip cookies.  The new SAS factory and store has an extensive line of shoes and handbags and an even larger collection of antiques which now includes vintage cars too.  Arranged tours  are available Mon-Thurs at 9:15, 12:30 and 2:05 and they are open Mon-Sat for business and of course popcorn and cookies and shoes, shoes, shoes. 
SAS is still an old fashioned company.  They don't sell online, just recently got a website: they barely advertise- believing their product speaks for itself and word of mouth is the best advertiser.  Their website has a full gallery of photos to check out but better yet, stop by the factory and see a modern shoe factory with old fashioned attitude.  And don't forget to try on a pair for size and...have a cookie for me.
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