A Recap of our Get Outdoors Day BBQ

     Finally got all our pictures compiled to put together a little memento of our Hidden Valley RV Park event, the Get Outdoors Day BBQ picnic.  Since our summers are quiet here at Hidden Valley we got to really mingle and get to know each other this June 11th, on National Great Outdoor Day for 2011.  Although here at Hidden Valley we have no need for an excuse to get outdoors, the idea is to promote a healthy lifestyle for our youth (and those of us who sometimes remain glued to the computer desk chair for a few too many hours) by taking advantage of the outdoors and leading a more active life.  It was just at 100 degrees that day but fortunately we had just enough of a breeze to make it bearable, especially with the water misters  available under the shade of the awning.
     The Nature Trail was explored by several and we all marveled at how much longer it's gotten since it began only a year ago.  The horseshoes were waiting for us near the south corner of the Bonfire Cove but it was a little warm for such sporting activity.
     We had such a good time that we didn't get as many pictures as we'd have liked but hope the video whets your appetite to share the next get together at Hidden Valley with us and maybe enjoy one of the dishes we had there.  You can find the delicious Asian Style Grilled Ribs on the RV Gourmet Blog

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