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Terrebonne, Oregon
Hidden Valley's 2010-11 winter camp hosts, Barry and Joyce, have been keeping us up to date on their travels and are currently camp hosting in their home state of Oregon.  Here's their latest report:

Just north of Redmond in Central Oregon is one of the most unique and picturesque state parks in Oregon and I might add, one of the most beautiful places in the country.
Joyce and I have been hosting at Smith Rock for four years and it is by far our favorite park in Oregon.  
Smith Rock is primarily a day-use park.  There is no campground here, just a bivouac (shelter) area where folks throw down a tent.  There is a central cooking area, bathrooms and showers in the "bivi" area as well.  In the day use area of the park, we have plenty of picnic tables, bathrooms and a new Yurt that will shorty become the parks Interpretive Center.  To the right is a view of the Crooked River from above.  [The river changes color depending on where you are viewing it.  Note the river photos below.]

Terrebonne, Oregon's State Park is one of the country's prime rock climbing areas.  There are over 1000 routes up the sides of the cliffs, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert.  Some of the routes don't even look climbable to me but the young folks who climb here find a way up to the top.


[The little white dot on this photo above is a climber on a flat rock face!  The hikers below look like ants.

Stare intently at this rock formation on the right and note the inspiration for it's name, "Monkey Face."  Hint:  it's the monkey's profile.  took me a while to see it.]

Hiking at Smith Rock is another very poplar activity here.  We have trails ranging from a very easy River Trail that follows the Crooked River to Misery Ridge which climbs 700 feet in 3/4 of a mile.  There is a reason it is called Misery Ridge!  (That is NOT us hiking the trail by the way.)

If you're into bird watching, this is the place for you.  There are three species of raptors here in the park; Bald and Golden Eagles and Turkey Vultures.  In addition to the birds of prey, we have Mountain Bluebirds, Ash-throated Flycatchers, White-throated Swifts and many more species.  These photos show the nesting homes of some golden eagles.  [Try to click on the photos to enlarge the nest.]

So, if you are ever in the Central Oregon area you should stop in at Smith Rock.  We think you will find this park as beautiful and interesting as we do.

Thanks Barry and Joyce for your travel journals and reviews of the amazing places this country has to offer.  See you in our San Antonio RV Park in November 2011.  Be safe.

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