“Well, I'm a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona”

Winslow, Arizona
What the heck do you do in Winslow, AZ anyway?  How ‘bout stand on a corner and have your picture taken for one.  But wait, there’s more folks.                

The line above is from the song “Take It Easy” recorded by the Eagles in 1972, and has made Winslow, AZ famous.  The town now has the Standin On The Corner Park along with a festival every year dedicated to the song. Winslow, Arizona is located on Interstate 40, between Flagstaff and the New Mexico border.
We parked at the Homolovi State Park, just north of Winslow and after getting the 5th wheel unhooked we headed into town.  On the way, we stopped to see the 9-11 Remembrance Memorial.  The town of Winslow will never forget.
After paying our respects at the Memorial we drove to the corner of N. Kinsley Ave and W. 2nd Street, which is the old Route 66 and where the park is located.  There is a two-story mural on a brick wall and a life-size bronze statue of a 1970's man standing on the corner wearing jeans, boots, shirt and vest with a guitar standing on the toe of his boot.  There are also bricks in the sidewalk that folks have bought and had placed there.
In the middle of the street there is a huge painted Route 66 sign.  U. S. Route 66 is known by several names including the Will Rogers Highway, Main Street of America and the Mother Road.  Established in 1926 as one of the original U.S. Highways, it ran from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL.  As a young boy, I remember making the trip with my parents on Highway 66 from Needles, CA into Oklahoma on the way to visit family in Tennessee.  I vividly remember the long drive through Albuquerque, NM, which is now Central Ave and also seeing the Painted Desert in Arizona.
So, what is there to do in Winslow?  More than meets the eye folks.  Next newsletter I'll write about the gem of a park, the Homolovi Ruins state Park, we parked the 5th wheel at while we were in Winslow.  Oh, and don’t forget to get your t-shirt.

Editors Note:  Barry's got some great links in this article...hope you click on them and check them out.  Lots of neat stuff to remember the next time you travel nearby Winslow, AZ.
Let's Eat With Barry and JoyceNote:  Barry and Joyce are gallivanting around the countryside, headed back home for a visit but are planning to be back with us soon and will keep us up to date on their travels and interesting places and restaurants they visit.
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